Since 2016, Samo Grasic works at Dálvvadis economical association where he designs and develops a Nomatrack LoRa-DTN (Delay Tolerant Network) platform that is tailor made for reindeer herding purposes in remote Arctic environments. He is the member of the IPNSIG and co-author of the PRoPHET routing protocol (RFC 6693).

Samo received his PhD from Luleå University of Technology, Department of Gender and Innovation, in 2014. Here, he focuses on development and deployment of the ICT infrastructure DTN for sparsely populated Arctic regions. His interests include routing in computer networks, energy harvesting, low power systems, soft, and hardware development as well as embedded systems. He is also interested in the social, and economical aspects of ICT deployments. Prior to his academic career, Samo worked for more than six years in the industry, developing hardware and software components for meteorological and radiological systems.